Turbo Power No. 330 Twin Turbo 3800 Dryer Ionic Ceramic - Red

The Eco_Friendly Turbo Power 3800 is designed to protect the environment and sustainable development, identified with the Eco-Friendly Product mark requiring: Use of recyclable raw materials: all components are recyclable, contain no toxic elements and are painted with non-toxic paints; Low noise pollution: development of the brand-new built-in silencer significantly reduces the amount of noise perceived by the stylist and client; Energy consumption: TurboPower has speeded up drying time to increase styling efficiency and save energy, with positive consequences for the environment; Ozone friendly: no toxic emissions during drying at any speed and temperature; Use of ecological packaging and documentation: Only 18.5 cm Solo 18.5 cm Output: 2100 Watts Watt 2100 75 cubic meters/hours 75 metros cubicos/hora 2000 Hour K-Lamination Motor 2000 horas el motor k-Lamination. Motor-fan electronic balancing Equilibrado electrnico motor-ventilador 2 x 16 amp switches - heavy duty solid silver contacts 2 interruptores 16 Amp. - optimizados con contactos de plata pura 2-speeds, 4 temperature settings 22 velocidades - 4 temperaturas Immediate cold air microswitch Aire frio instantneo accionado por microinterruptor Built-in nickel chrome heating element and safety thermostat Resistencia de niquel-cromo encajada y thermostato de seguridad Two unbreakable nozzles 2 boquillas Recyclable materials Materiales primas reciclables Energy saving quick drying Secado super rapido para ahorrar energia Highly flexible 3 m long cable Cable 3 metros Low noise built-in silencer Baja contaminacion acustica con silenciador incorporado Ozone Friendly - no harmful emissions Ozono Friendly - ninguna emision nociva Made in Italy all made of and printed on 100% biodegradable recycled paper and card stock.